Founded on the principles of experiential design, Phoenix Interiors excels at planning, developing and designing spaces that captivate visitors and evoke a connection. In designing Phoenix Interiors tackles projects from a branding perspective that couples business strategy and marketing with good design.
Phoenix Interiors team have imagined, designed and built Offices, Showrooms, travel agencies, colleges and retail outlets all around the U.A.E.
Phoenix Interiors consist of two divisions - Maintenance and Interiors that work hand in hand to provide unique solutions for a variety of projects.

Our mission is to understand the client's needs by listening. We believe that solutions should enrich, support and improve ones lives. We believe that current solution can always be improved upon. We are always amazed on how business and social implications can be improved by design.

Good-looking design that is livable and functional is essential in our design philosophy.
Keep it simple.
Keeping it simple is the way of life in Phoenix Interiors. We strongly believe that simplicity with high design can co-exist in our lives.
Problem Solving as an Art Form.
Our firm instills problem solving as one of the passions for designing. At Phoenix Interiors we see it as an opportunity to seek for better solutions.
Imagination is humanity's greatest gift. At Phoenix Interiors, imagination always plays a lead role to redefining the boundaries between splendid designs solutions and ideas.
We do not believe in giving up. If there is a will, there is a way. When the client shows inspiration toward a project we go far beyond normal protocol.
Good Communication
Talking to all parties involved is still priority one, from the big cheese to the small cheese. In our opinion, the space is successful only when everyone is happy.

Over all, Phoenix Interiors believes that great design is a communal process to achieving great environments that work well across social and functional platforms. We are in constant pursuit of achieving spaces that people care about, and places that will endure for generations.